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By cantilevering (off-setting) the additional levels, the appearance can be enhanced while also allowing for increased parking or landscaped areas on the
ground level. Utilising steel I-beams between levels not only creates an interstitial space for routing of utilities, but also facilitates the construction of decks for
the upper levels, providing valuable access to outdoor space and enhanced views within a sprawling urban environment. Creating shipping container living
space is an art, when inside you feel you’re in a normal brick built construction home.
Stacking the containers directly on top of each other provides the most simple (construction) and
inexpensive (initially) option for constructing multiple level container structures. Think of the
shipping containers as Lego bricks I always say this as in real terms that’s all they are building
bricks. This technique, while maximizing the cost upfront, may leave the tenants or customers
feeling claustrophobic.

However we will transform this space into very resident friendly environment “a world of your own”,
where the interior walls and ceilings are modified to accommodate increased access between
units, working and living spaces you only ever dreamed of. Shipping containers are made of steel
the walls and ceilings are solid, the cutting and welding and modifying of these structures is an
important facet of the construction technique.
Our goal of converting these steel boxes to the maximum extent is without question our forte. The finished living spaces we create
Build Options
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